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My translation agency has many years of experience in translating texts into English and German. Every one of my translations is done or checked by a native speaker. The result? A high-quality, authentic translation. A text that reads fluently in the target language and is technically correct.

Journalistically edited English texts

I am a qualified translator AND a qualified writer. This enables me to professionally edit journalistic texts for the target language. Clients from the German and English-speaking world benefit from my expertise as a qualified translator and long-standing journalist.

Certified, German, English – everything is possible!

I am a publicly appointed and sworn translator for the English language. What does that mean? I translate and certify English and German documents for submission to the authorities. Do you need a marriage certificate, a birth certificate or an employment certificate translated and certified from English to German or from German to English? I can do it for you! 100% accurate, as required by the authorities.

Translations with a feel for the language.

For translations into languages other than English or German, I work with experienced partners. Just send me an inquiry. If the subject isn’t too exotic, I can probably help.

Technical or tourist?

Thanks to my many years of professional experience and in-depth training as a technical translator, I can offer you a wide range of support. I can provide you with the first-class quality of a technical translator. I can also translate for you in many other fields. Tourism, medicine, consumer issues, contracts – you name it!

General Translations
Specialist Translations

English to German
German to English
General translations and specialist translations English-German, German-English, with a focus on technology / business

Certified Translations

English to German
German to English
Certified translations such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, school reports, employment references and much more for submission to authorities

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