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What makes a good text?

Listen, shape, make an impact

Listen, shape, make an impact – these are the key words when it comes to good copy. They are designed to inspire; touch the reader or the customer at their core. Whether they are crisp, stirring or absolutely straightforward. As a copywriter, freelance journalist and sworn translator, I have been helping my clients to communicate clearly and efficiently for more than 20 years. I use my words to get to the heart of your message. It remains to be clarified: What makes good copy?

Mind-tickling or heart-stopping?

Successful copy is not left to chance. Whether it’s a brochure or an article, professional writers adapt their style to the reader and the medium. A press release requires factual language, while a speech can be emotional. With a feel for language and a wealth of knowledge, I speak to the hearts and minds of your customers and readers. In short, I package your messages in a way that people want to read.

I package your messages in a way that people want to read.

I translate your texts with authenticity and finesse.

Translate and communicate without boundaries

First-class translations are only good if the reader does not recognize them as translations. As a sworn translator, I will adapt your texts into English and German. I take into account all the subtleties of the source and target languages and offer a profound knowledge of Anglo-Saxon and German culture.

Who do I write and translate for?

Anyone who needs focused writing and professional translations. I often work for mid-sized companies, start-ups, publishers, and agencies in a variety of industries. See who I work for:

Florida, Basel, Hamburg or Kempten in the Allgäu – my clients are everywhere.

From the totally conventional to the mighty wicked, my partners are also pros at what they do.

Who do I work with?

A text job is rarely done alone. The expertise of graphic designers, photographers, PR, print and online specialists is required from start to finish of a project, from idea to print or publication. I collaborate with local and international partners.

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